This Herb Prevents 9 Different Eye Problems Including Cataracts!

Herb that originated in the Mediterranean region of Southern Italy, Algeria and Tunisia has been known as parsley. Many people use it in the food as a spice but are you aware of its health benefits? There are many nutrients found in parsley such as: • Vitamin A • Vitamin K • Vitamin C • Vitamin E • Vitamin B6 • Vitamin B12 • Calcium • Iron • Magnesium • Manganese • Potassium • Zinc The vitamins, minerals and antioxidants found in parsley are known to help … [Continue Reading]

Fruits for healthy life

3-Ingredient Health “Shots” To Alkalize Your Body, Lose Weight, And Energize Your System

Have you ever woken up in the morning and just felt like staying in bed? Your body is stiff, tired, and all it wants to do is lay down. Most people reach for a pot of coffee to give them the jolt of caffeine to get their day started, but this isn’t the healthiest thing for your body first thing in … [Continue Reading]

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Teen Who Ran Away from Home 20 Years Ago to Avoid Chemo is Still Cancer Free

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Mangoes Protect Against Several Kinds of Cancer

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Five Plants For Your Bedroom To Help You Sleep Better

The KEY for a healthy body is your bedroom. It is the place which your body uses to sleep and recover from your day, so make sure that it is as toxin free as possible. You're not alone when it comes to sleeping … [Read More...]

What Happens When You Mix Beets, Carrots, and Apples: A Glass of Juice that Fights Many Diseases!

Juicing is one of the best ways to reap the health benefits of raw products, and a glass of natural juice in the morning will provide all the needed nutrients for the following day, detoxify the system, and energize your … [Read More...]

Turmeric and Honey: The Most Powerful Antibiotic That not even Doctors Can Explain

While conventional antibiotics are extremely overused, natural remedies such as honey and turmeric are highly beneficial and improve health in numerous ways. Honey effectively fights infections without causing … [Read More...]

The Best Natural Drink to Strengthen Knees and Help Rebuild Cartilage and Ligaments

As we age, joint pain becomes a common health problem for many people, that need to find a way to relieve the aches and pains on a daily basis. Yet, joint pain is not only a result of aging, as it can also be caused … [Read More...]

How To Eat Bitter Foods To Heal The Liver, Gallbladder, Kidneys And Your Digestive System

Ayurvedic medicine for health recommends bitter foods that are thought to have medicinal properties and a good effect on the body. When modern experts talk about healthy foods, they usually talk about a well-balanced … [Read More...]

Mix Bananas, Honey, and Water: Cough and Bronchitis Will Disappear

During the winter season, colds and coughs are always there to remind us of our frailty. Additionally, coughs can be a result of smoking, air pollution, second-hand smoking, and old age. They are a way for the body … [Read More...]

Doctors Have No Explanation: Mix Cinnamon And Honey And Treat Arthritis, Gallbladder, Cholesterol And 10 Other Diseases

The traditional Chinese medicine has used the combination of honey and cinnamon for thousands of years, and this mixture has a long tradition of use as a homemade medicine. Honey is one of the healthiest foods on the … [Read More...]

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