12 Easy Ways to Detox your Body

Our bodies are capable of detoxification. With every day exposure to air, food, water, and etc. we intake a lot of toxins without being aware of. If our bodies are not capable of detoxification, without consuming or doing something in particular, than there are bound to be some health issues.
Detox is considered to be a natural process, but we are also able to improve, or for the lack of a better word – speed up the process. Here are 12 easy ways to detox your body in case you find yourself in a situation to do so.

Detox Your Body

1. Drink vegetable juice every day for effective detox. Vegetables are full of healthy nutrients which are “heavenly food” for the body. Simply just blend your favorite vegetables and drink the juice. Even though you’ll find the taste odd, it does have a healthy boost.

2. Eat blueberries – thee are filled with anthocyanins which are capable of reducing inflammation in the brain and body. They can also help reduce weight and allergies.

3. Inhale/ Exhale with deep breaths. The fresh air brings energy to the body and the oxygen in it is capable of destroying viruses and bacteria.

4. In a glass of water put a teaspoon of turmeric. It contains phytonutrient carcumin that can protect the liver. If you didn’t know, the liver is the most important organ in detox.

5. Drink fresh clean water. Good hydration of the body is always a great fighter against dehydration and detox.

6. Try to avoid chemical cleaning products. They contain ammonia, petroleum, chlorine, formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals.

7. Drink slippery elm bark, marshmallow root or rhubarb root tea.

8. Eat at least three of the following foods: garlic, spinach, sprouts, ginger, blueberries or broccoli.

9. Consummate pectin-rich organic apples – they are full of pectin binds capable of delivering from toxins.

10. Eat fruit and vegetables every day. They are natures gift to our body’s health and filled with vitamins and minerals.

11. Exercise at least 30 minutes per day. Physical exercise is always followed with the natural process of sweating. Bear in mind that sweating is actually detox in liquid form.

12. Smile. Find a reason to be positive and in a good mood. Laughter is always the best medicine.