5 Foods that Will Help Ease Out Your Stress

Generally, stress is universal. It is very uncommon to meet people who have never met stress in their entire life. Meaning, once in your lifetime, you have been stressed the least.

In Australia alone, mental stress with physical stress have caused businesses more than $10 billion people every year. These data has been released by Safe Work Australia and has the study span from 2008 to 2011.

5 Foods that Will Help Ease Out Your Stress

The U.S. on the other hand listed people who experienced stress symptoms physically at 77% which amount to 48% of negative personal and professional impact.

Major causes of stress according to survey

1. Work related or job pressure. That would point to workplaces, coworker, work and bosses related concerns.
2. Money. Financial problems took the second spot. More people are being stressed out by money, for having too much of it and the lack of it.
3. Health. Physical health may also cause stress. Illness can be affecting some peoples thinking as well as physical performance.
4. Relationships. This involves family and spouses as well as friends or the lack of it.
5. Poor nutrition. Poor diet may contribute a lot to stress. It may not ail you physically but mentally as well.
6. Media overload. You may be watching TV too much, seeing the internet too much.
7. Sleep deprivation. This goes on as cycle. Once you are deprived of sleep, you start begin stressed out. When you’re stressed out you have difficulty of sleeping.

Stress relievers

• Exercise
• Right thinking
• Solving your problems
• Good diet

Foods that may help you relive stress

Because good diet relieves your stress, it is better to choose the food you are eating. Some food may have contained more to it than you can imagine. Here is some stress busting foods below:

1. Banana. Banana is the only food that is found out to cause happiness. Yes, eating a banana a day may keep stress away. It can sooth the mind and can boosts the body’s serotonin which is the happy hormone.
2. Spinach. Dark green vegetables are very rich in nutrients that may help bust stress in the process. Together with broccoli, spinach is very high in magnesium. Magnesium is stress reliever so you get the point.
3. Milk. We all know that milk is high in calcium; it builds bones and keeps your nerves healthy. It contains food stabilizers which may calm your mind whenever you’re stressed-out.
4. Fish. Well fishes and other sea foods are very rich in omega-3. Omega-3 can be a good stress reliever if taken as supplements. Fishes and calamari can be its major source.
5. Blueberries. Because it is full of antioxidants, blueberries can be very beneficial to the body. It can help repair damaged cells and fight other toxins. It can also free your body from stress.

So if stress is just a food away, then why not go healthy, eat healthy? Couple it with some stress busting techniques like exercises and medications, then stress will be a thousand miles away from now on.