5 Rules for consuming chocolate

Eating chocolate can often cause all of us to be burdened with a feeling of guilt. But it doesn’t have to be that way if you make the right choice of chocolate. Recent scientific research tells us that chocolate is rich with antioxidants called flavonoids.
These antioxidants protect our arteries and prostate glands, decrease inflammation and increase the sensation of wellbeing. These same flavonoids are found in the green tea and certain types of berries.

consuming chocolate

Rules for proper use of chocolate

Of course, some rules need to be followed regarding selection of the right chocolate for you. Here are some rules which will help remove the guilt that you eat too much chocolate:

Rule no.1: The darker the chocolate is the better. Look for a brand which contains at least 70% cocoa. The majority of people think that the brands which contain 85% of cocoa are too bitter to eat.

Rule no.2: Carefully read the contents of the chocolate! Be wary of ingredients like the fructose syrup and hydrogenated fat. These ingredients decrease the health benefits gained from chocolate.

Rule no.3: Don’t combine chocolate with milk. When drinking a whole glass of milk while eating a chocolate is sufficient to block the absorption of all antioxidants. Inhibition happens due to the large content of milk fat.

Rule no.4: Consume a small quantity of chocolate. Stick to portions of around 15-30 grams in one moment, one portion per day.

Rule no.5: Be more physically active. In case you allow yourself a larger portion or two portions of chocolate snacks during the day it would be advisable to have some physical activity afterwards.