6 Beneficial properties of cinnamon

There are 6 reasons why you should eat cinnamon:

beneficial properties of cinnamon

Better brain function

A recent study has confirmed that the smell of cinnamon or its taste in your mouth stimulates brain activity and helps with improving concentration, visual memory and reaction speed.

Tips: Refreshing your working quarters with essential oils from cinnamon or drinking tea spiced with it is sufficient for an efficient working day.

Improving digestion

Cinnamon is an excellent source of nutritional fibers, iron and calcium. The mix of calcium and fibers affects digestion since their combination bounds with the gallbladder salts and helps their excretion in the body.
Therefore, it protects you against colon cancer and also balances the healthy level of cholesterol.

Tips: Half a spoon of powdered cinnamon and two spoonfuls of honey is a mixture which, if consumed before meal, will decrease acid and help processing fatty foods.

Strengthening hair

Antioxidants from the cinnamon are great for regeneration and nourishment of the scalp and hair. Therefore, it’s recommended for intensive hair loss.

Tips: Put a big spoonful of honey and a small spoonful of cinnamon in a warm olive oil. Wait until the mixture has cooled, rub it in the hair root and wait for 10 minutes and then wash. Repeat the procedure twice a week.

Neutralizing bad breath

Thanks to the antibacterial properties of cinnamon, it’s excellent for neutralizing bad breath in the mouth cavity.

Tips: Put a spoonful of honey and a spoonful of cinnamon in a deciliter of hot water and wash your mouth every morning.

Weight loss

Daily consumption of cinnamon prevents deposition of fat in the body and antioxidants stabilize the blood sugar level, while decreasing the need for carbohydrates.

Tips: It’s recommended to drink a mixture of two spoonfuls of honey and a spoonful of cinnamon boiled in a cup of water half an hour before breakfast.

Treating infection

Cinnamon has an incredible effect on fungal infections which are in many cases resistant to medication. It contains two active ingredients which are effective against the Escherichia coli bacteria.

Tips: Put four spoonfuls of water in a container, add eight sticks of cinnamon and boil for ten minutes. Let it stand for an hour, then take out the sticks and take couple of sips several times during the day.