7 Delicious Foods Which are Okay to be Consumed Before You Go to Bed

People cannot fall asleep on an empty stomach. At the same time, it’s not good to go to bed with a heavy stomach. Most foods like fast foods, junk foods, refined flour based foods are rich in carbs and fats and are not quite good for dinner.There are some great foods that can be consumed at night, before going to bed which will definitely not add up to your weight.

Most doctors recommend that people should consume a light meal for dinner. Junk food, fatty foods, oily foods, spicy food and foods that are hard to digest must be avoided for dinner. But many people find it really difficult to fall asleep without satisfying their hunger. These 7 amazing food ingredients given below are some of the best foods to consume in such cases.

7 Delicious Foods Before Bedtime


A bowl of oats for dinner is an excellent choice. Not only is it light, but also fills the stomach and is really healthy. Oats are rich in fiber and contain around 200 calories. This ingredient can be easily digested and it alleviates stomach issues as well. A little bit of jam or some cut fruits or honey with oats can make the perfect, healthy dinner option.


This fruit is one of the best foods to consume at night. Weight watchers can easily eat this fruit at night as it gives energy as well as satisfies the hunger. This fruit is a rich source of melatonin as well as tryptophan, which are essential for good sleep. A good nights sleep also plays an important role in digestion.

Fat free sour cream

Having a cup of fat free sour cream before going to bed is a great way to soothe the intestines as well. The sour cream is rich in probiotics which aids in digestion. You can either eat a cup full of sour cream or even use it as a spread or a dip for other foods like breads and roasted vegetables, salads etc.

Apples with peanut butter

This combination is another yummy duo. Apple slices with peanut butter spread is not only one of the simplest yet tasty snacks for a sweet tooth but its also power packed with nutrients and proteins. Apples are also a rich source of fiber and aid in digestion. Both these elements induce sleep and are healthy for the body in a lot of ways.

White chicken meat

1 or 2 pieces of white chicken meat fives sufficient amount of protein required for a balanced meal. This also contains less fat, hence ideal for dinner. A small portion of well cooked chicken can satisfy your hunger without having to worry about your weight.

Hard cheese

A tiny portion of hard cheese like Parmesan and Cheddar in your meals can also be eaten for dinner. This will only contain about 80 calories per serving, so it’s safe to consume in moderation. There are lots of varieties of hard cheeses to choose from. You can add cheese to salads, dips, spreads, breads or whatever you like.

Fat free chocolate pudding

Most people have a craving for sweets after a meal. This dessert is perfect for that as it can satiate your dessert cravings as well as prevent you from gaining weight. Dark chocolate pudding is even better than milk chocolate and sweet chocolate. You can either make chocolate pudding at home or even use the ready made store bought ones.
Source: timesfull.com