7 Reasons Why You Should Start the Day with a Cup of Warm Water and Lemon Juice!

The way you start every day is incredibly important. Whether you are a mother, coach, writer, owner of a company or teacher, the question is, what is the first ingredient you put in your body in the morning. Take some time for a ritual, even better – develop a habit that will make you happier and healthier! Some lemon juice and warm water miraculously wash the liver and the kidneys. The recipe is very simple – a cup of warm water (not hot, because the hot water will destroy the vitamin C, the mineral which is responsible for this story) and juice of half a lemon. How much good this will do to your body, you will learn from the following:

Warm Water and Lemon Juice!

1. It is good for the immune system – Okay, we all know, Vitamin C is excellent against colds and flu, but the lemon also contains potassium, and it stimulates the brain and the nervous system and controls the blood pressure as well.

2. It regulates the pH levels – The regulation of the pH levels with an appropriate diet and lifestyle is one of the most important factors of the optimal health. Although it is sour, the citric acids are metabolized during digestion and produce potassium carbonate, which helps to neutralize the acidity and protects the digestive system. Alkaline body is a healthy and strong body!

3. A good fighter against extra weight – The lemon contains pectin, digestible fibers which reduce the desire to eat. The warm water creates a sense of satiety, and therefore, it reduces the appetite.

4. Stimulates the digestion – When we talk about cleansing the body, the water is one of the best, if not the best choice. Warm water is even a better choice! It stimulates the gastrointestinal tract (stomach, small intestine and colon). The minerals and vitamins in lemons (and limes) help the body to eliminate the toxins in the digestive tract.

5. It acts as a diuretic – The lemon juice helps to eliminate the unwanted components and toxins from the body, it prevents the retention of fluids by increasing the frequency of urination.

6. It cleans the skin – Vitamin C is good for the skin (teeth and bones). The lemon juice eliminates the toxins from the blood that cause wrinkles.

7. It hydrates the lymphatic system – A glass of warm water and lemon juice can help you to start your day hydrated, which means it prevents dehydration and adrenal fatigue. When your body is dehydrated, or deeply dehydrated (adrenal fatigue) it cannot perform all appropriate functions, which leads to toxins, stress and constipation.

Do not be surprised if after some time you start looking at mornings more positively.