7 Reasons Why You Should Eat Avocados

The fruit that comes from Mexico and the main ingredient for making Guacamole are filled with healthy nutrients. Avocados, also known as “alligator pear”, are very popular in North America. Even though they are packed with healthy nutrients, they contain large amount of fat, but good fat – a medium-sized Avocado contains approximately 14.1 grams of fat and 138 calories. Here are 7 reasons why you should eat Avocados.

Eat Avocado

1. Carotenoids
Carotenoids are very good protector against eye disease. Apart from that, the avocado is capable of getting nutrients out of other foods when it is combined with them. There are a lot of vegetables and fruit salads which contain Avocados in their recipes. That mixture helps the body absorb all the nutrients.

2. Avocados a good for the unborn baby
The protection of the unborn baby by the Avocado is provided by the folate vitamin which also protects from heart disease and heart attacks.

3. Avocados can lower cholesterol
Oleic acid is responsible for the avocado’s capability of lowering cholesterol levels. A research showed that people who eat avocados lowered their LDL cholesterol levels and increased their HDL cholesterol levels, which is the healthy type.

4. 3.4 grams of fiber
An avocado contains approximately 3.4 grams of fiber, which is responsible for the smooth work of the body’s digestive system. With their consumption, the body is able to slowly breakdown carbohydrates.

5. A treatment against Osteo-arthritis
Avocados and their oils are used to treat arthritis, infections and wounds. They can also stimulate hair grow.

6. A replacement for cheese, ketchup and mayonnaise
Avocados have a creamy texture. They are easy to chew and along with their taste, some people find them to be a great replacement for cheese, ketchup and mayonnaise.
Maybe for some this replacement sounds a bit odd (how can you swap ketchup in a sandwich with an avocado?), but know that many famous recopies were born with this simple taste-switch.

7. They taste absolutely delicious
It is more than obvious that a juicy taste is more than enough to lure people’s appetites. Just like many fruits, an avocado has the right to claim its worthiness with a creamy taste.