8 Reasons to Drink Green Tea

Green Tea is the superhero of healthy beverages. Its nutritious properties are full of benefits which are able to prevent a lot, I mean, a lot of health problems. Not just preventing, but curing them as well. Millions of people have found their “fountain of youth” through Green Tea is helps boosting energy levels as high as it can.

Reasons to Drink Green Tea

For those who are drinking Green Tea on a regular basis and for those who haven’t started all ready, here are 8 reasons why green tea consumption is beneficial to health:

1. Green Tea is able to boost Immunity
The flavonoids and the polyphenols in Green Tea are responsible for the immunity properties in the beverage. They help the body fight off different types of bacteria and dangerous infections.

2. Green Tea prevents high blood pressure
This characteristic of the Green Tea is well known to all its consumers. Many people suffer from high blood pressure and they drink Green Tea because it is able to repress down angiotensin.

3. Green Tea protects the Liver
Some people who had liver transplant are can prevent failure to it by drinking green Tea. Green Tea, as some research showed, is able to destroy harmful free radicals that are created in fatty livers.

4. Green Tea protects form Herpes
Younger generations, and adults as well, are constant target of herpes. Green Tee has the ability to increase topical interferon treatment; it compresses and then lets the skin dry before the interferon.

5. Green Tea is a fighter against Cold and Flu
Spring and autumn are the seasons for common cold and possible flue. In spite of drinking different warm teas to suppress the symptoms, The Vitamin C in Green tea can help you as well.

6. Green Tea for Ear Infections
Just soak an ear bud into a green tea before you start cleaning the ears. The green tea can treat an infected spot.

7. Green Tea for regular Blood Sugar
The polysaccharides and polyphenols in the Green Tea can lower the blood sugar levels. The Blood sugar increases with age, so elderly people often drink green tea to maintain the proper sugar level.

8. Green Tea fights against fat
The EGCG in the Green Tea are the ones responsible for effective fat loss. Numerous athletes and workout enthusiasts drink Green Tea in order to off unnecessary body fat.