Amazing Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin pies, Pumpkin Soup, baked pumpkin and etc. are dishes which use the pumpkin itself, but not its seeds. So, what do we do with all those seeds left? It is best you don’t throw them away. Their nutritious benefits are extraordinary and can boost your health and energy levels even further from the pumpkin soup.

If you want a good night sleep, than consume pumpkin seeds. They contain high levels of sleep-enhancing amino acid tryptophan which is able to convert into serotonin in your body. That serotonin will be responsible of sleeping tight.

Amazing benefits of pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are connected with weight loss. Their high levels proteins, which are easily digestible, can stabilize blood sugar. For this reason, pumpkin seeds are good as a mid-day snack; nibble them in-between meals if you will.

A body’s low cholesterol levels are achieved by the pumpkin seed’s phytosterol compounds. Pistachios and Flower Seeds share the first place in sterols amounts; the second place belongs to the pumpkin seeds.
Men who aren’t aware of the pumpkin seed’s benefits will love the following – they are a perfect aphrodisiac. Pumpkin seeds have high levels of zinc, which is a prostate-protecting mineral. Not only is zinc responsible for healthy potency in men, it is also responsible for keeping the prostate healthy at all times.

Speaking of what benefits men get from pumpkin seeds, it is interesting to point out that bodybuilders, as well as other athletes eat pumpkin seeds on regular basis. They are full of energy boosting and blood-building iron.

Not only do pumpkin seeds contain iron, proteins and zinc; but they also contain magnesium. The high levels of heart-healing Magnesium in pumpkin seeds acts as nature’s natural relaxant
Pumpkin seeds also contain Vitamin E, Vitamin B, and Vitamin K.

As mentioned before, you can consume pumpkin seeds in-between meals, but you can also make them part of the three daily meals as well. In some recipes, they are the perfect ingredient and the secret ingredient.

Here is an idea, next time you sit in the living room watching a good movie, eat pumpkin seed instead of pop-corn. They are tasty to watch in front of the TV as well.