Apples Help Your Body Develop Resistance Against Infections

It is no surprise that apples are great nutritious fruit, if not, one of the greatest fruit natures has produced. We have heard a million times “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away”, and we’ll hear it a million more. This hundred percent true as the apple contains important nutritious ingredients that are able to develop a strong immune system for the body. So, what does the apple contain which makes it so nutritiously powerful.

Apples Help Your Body Against Infections

Like most of the fruits, apple contains Vitamin C, the vitamin most responsible for our protection against season colds, flu and etc. Along with the Vitamin C, the fight against infections and other diseases is assisted by beta-carotene.

The apple also contains thiamin, pyroxene and riboflavin, which together represent the B-complex vitamins (better known as Vitamin B-6). Calcium, phosphorus and potassium are minerals which can be found in apples, but in smaller amounts. Potassium is very important in helping a normal heart rate and blood pressure.

It is great to know that the apples are low on calories, a 100 g of apple will have around 50 calories. With its richness in dietary fiber, the apple is able to prevent the absorption of dietary-LDL, also known as bad cholesterol.

Apples Against Infections

Very numbers of people will tell you they don’t like apples, that they cannot stand their smell or taste. In fact, it is hard to imagine someone not wanting to take a bite out of a ripe red apple. Even the sound of the bite gives a delicious feel.

Giving young children healthy food to eat is essential for their growth and development. Doctors applaud parents that put apples in children’s lunchboxes. An apple after lunch, or for a snack, is far better than a bar of chocolate filled with artificial sugars.

Adults can benefit from the apples a lot, they are great for regaining strength after long hours of work, they are an excellent stress reliever and the can ease the body’s metabolism. Professional athletes prefer the apple over any energy bar or energy drink.