Are Carbohydrates our Enemies

With our current way of living the carbohydrates are perceived as the greatest enemy, which causes obesity. But, should we avoid carbohydrates and look for another cause for this? Are they really bad for you?
Carbohydrates and sugar are the MAIN fuel with which we supply our brain, heart and muscles. They come from the food we eat, like cereals, bread, rice, noodles, dairy products, fruit and vegetables. Our body dissolves them and converts all of that in a useful substance called glucose. The cells in our body transform the glucose in an energy that we use for our daily activities.


What happens if we don’t consume carbohydrates?

In case we don’t have a sufficient amount of carbohydrates our body starts to decompose our fat so we can have energy. When the body uses fat for energy it produces ketones, causing a state of ketosis.
This may sound good at first, but only in theory, since there are serious side effects. Ketosis can cause breakdown in some organs, kidney stone, kidney breakdown, bad breath etc. To avoid ketosis we need to consume at least around 100 grams of carbohydrates on a daily bases.

Removal of carbohydrates from your diet means removing the products with whole grain seeds, milk and dairy products, fruit and vegetables. These types of food like enzymes, vitamins, vegetable fiber and minerals provide the basic nutritious substances for the body to function properly.
If you don’t consume enough carbohydrates the body also dissolves proteins, even if you had sufficient fat. With that your long term acquired muscle mass is reduced.

consume carbohydrates

Which carbohydrates are harmful?

Avoid sparkling drinks and juice from the markets, white bread, white pasta and white rice. All of these are empty carbohydrates, calories without any nutritious value whatsoever. Also, avoid adding sugar in your coffee or tea.
The best you can do for yourself is to have a nice balanced meal and exercise on a regular basis. Aside from getting the desired weight you’ll also improve your overall health.
Remember: the carbohydrates aren’t your enemy; they provide energy which is essential for your functioning, not to mention vitamins and minerals needed for your body too.