Banana for breakfast

Like any other fruit, banana is a low fat product ideal for breakfast or between meals. It is good source of potassium, zinc, vitamin A, B, C. It is a quick snack and it is easy to eat it. This fruit gives body energy and it is effective fruit for health benefits. For example one average banana contains about 500 mg of potassium. The advantage of eating banana is that keeps satiety, but those who are on diet avoid banana as they think that banana makes them fat compared to other fruit.

image banana

With exaggeration and overeating certain foods you get overweight, and same is with the banana. It contains sugar and fat part unlike other fruits. If you eat too many bananas during the day instead of being turned into energy, glycogen stored in the liver will be converted to fat. Therefore it is important not to overdo it with quantities and to do regular exercise.

Nutritionists recommend bananas to be consumed in the morning, maximum two to three a daily. Forget sports drink before exercise and eat one banana. Banana will give you an equal amount of energy that is infinitely healthier.

banana pieces

Banana is recommended for: normalization of blood pressure, improve work of the heart and calms down nervous system, anemia, depression, concentration, stress, improves mood and relaxation. Eating bananas as part of your meals, can reduce death risk from stroke even for 40%!