Best diet plan for children and best diet plan for the elderly

Best diet plan for children


One of the most difficult things for a parent to do is teach their children how to eat smart and healthy. The greatest reason for this, in my view, are the numerous attractive fast food restaurants that offer products high in sugar and fat and poor in nutrition. Children love eating fast food and they would always choose a cheeseburger in preference to a healthy chicken salad. What should a parent do?

Children hate limitations and orders so they must be given a choice. They should eat small portions several times per day. When it comes to the nutrients needed, fats are necessary for children`s growth. Children are usually physically active and they need a source of energy. Omega-3 and Omega-6 fats are especially good for their development.

Best diet plan for children

Protein should be taken in moderation. Carbs should also take part in their eating plan, but they must be carefully chosen and consumed through fruits, vegetables, cereals etc. The first and foremost to remember is the fact that children should NEVER try a strict diet!

Examples: Best diet plan for children

BreakfastOatmeal with raisings and bananas
Scrambled eggs on toast
Granola with milk and dried fruit pieces
Cereal an yogurt

LunchChicken breast with baked potato
Baked potato and fish (tuna, salmon)
Pasta with tomato sauce
Lentils, beans, peas
Tuna sandwich
Chicken Wrap
Chicken Panini
Turkey and cucumber sandwich

DinnerChicken and vegetables
Tuna Salad
Baked potato with cheese

Granola Bars
Home-made popcorns
Smoothie with milk and bananas


Best diet plan for elderly people

When it comes to elderly people we should always remember the fact that they are less physically active in comparison to a normal individual and thus they should consume less calories than a middle-aged person.

diet plan for the elderly

One of the problems among elderly individuals is the fluid intake. Old people tend to drink less water, coffee and juices. They are sometimes not able to prepare their meals or simply don`t `feel` the food. For instance an elderly physically inactive woman over 50 should consume 1800 calories per day and a man over 50 with the same proportions should consume 2000 calories per day.


Examples: Best diet plan for the elderly

BreakfastEggs with bacon and whole meal toast plus fruit juice
Toast with cheese and tomatoes plus coffee or tee
Oatmeal with dried fruit pieces
Peanut Butter Pancakes
Pancakes with cheese and vegetables
Pumpkin Waffles

LunchWholegrain bread with tuna salad
Chicken with vegetables and piece of wholegrain bread
Fresh Tomato Soup
Beef Sandwich
Green Bean Salad
Baked potato with ham and cheese

DinnerLean chicken with steamed vegetables
Fish and salad
Lemon Chicken and Noodles
Sesame chicken and rice
Shrimp with rice

SnacksFruits (banana, apples, oranges)
Carrots and tomatoes
Low sugar muffin
A handful of nuts
Apple Quessadillas

We hope that you find these diet plans interesting and useful. One last tip for the whole family is the fact that eating healthy is good for all the members of the family. You don`t have to prepare different meals for your children, husband/wife or your parents. Stick to healthy food choices and your lifestyle and health will improve for sure.