Benefits Without The Buzz: Juicing Cannabis For Health

It’s no secret that cannabis has medicinal properties and that you can smoke it, eat it, drink it as tea, and make tinctures with it, but did you know you can juice it? That’s right – kale and … [Read more...]

The Healthiest Vegetable in the World and We Have Completely Forgotten It!

Watercress is one of the richest sources of iron and it actually contains much more iron than spinach does. Moreover, it packs more vitamin C content than citrus fruits like lemons and oranges. … [Read more...]

A Weekend Detoxification Plan – Eliminate All Toxins from Your Body in Only 48 Hours

Do you lack energy and feel tired? And is your skin dry and you have dark circles around your eyes that you can’t cover? All of these signs indicate that your body is full of toxins. When the … [Read more...]

Heal Cavities, Gum Disease and Whiten Teeth with This Natural Homemade Toothpaste

When you try this excellent natural toothpaste the first time, you will no longer buy all those expensive commercial toothpastes. There are some Ayurvedic toothpastes on the market, but this one is … [Read more...]

Apple Cider Vinegar Helps Cellulite Disappear Magically!

Cellulite is a persistent subcutaneous fat which causes dimpling of the skin. It usually appears on women`s hips and thighs. Cellulite skin is similar to the dimpled surface of cottage cheese or an … [Read more...]

The Miso Soup Kills Cancer Cells and Improves Overall Health

There is a research circling around the Internet. It involves a plant-based isoflavone that kills cancer cells. It seems that this plant reduces cancer cells’ ability to form new blood vessels by … [Read more...]