Cold and Fever Fighter Smoothie

Winter time of the year is not always filled with making snowmen, snow fight, skiing, pleasure and joy. High temperatures, fever and cold are almost obligatory during the coldest time of the year. In order to avoid being sick and waiting in line in the drug store, the medicine for improving your own immune system is hidden in your own kitchen. Furthermore, it is not good to become addicted to pharmaceutical products and everything that is advertised on television. Those products are pure chemistry and what is best for the body is a natural remedy based on fruits rich with vitamins and minerals.

Cold and fever fighter smoothie

The vitamins and minerals which are sold in drug stores can not be compared with those that are found in fresh made smoothies and juices. So, in order to make yourself immune to fever, fly, coughing and high temperatures consuming this smoothie will make you strong as a rock.

What is necessary for the Cold and Fever Fighter Smoothie:


– One medium sized beetroot
– One red citrus
– 50g aronia
– 250g water
– A little bit of freshly grated ginger

The way how beetroot is prepared for this smoothie is optional. You can either first grated it fresh and then add in the blender or it can be slightly boiled just to be soft enough for cutting, yet I recommend fresh uncooked beetroot. Afterwards, cut the citrus into small pieces and add it to the beetroot, then put them into the blender. Add the aronia and a little bit of freshly grated ginger. Finally add the water and blend for 5 minutes. Pour the smoothie into a big cup and enjoy every sip of this healthy smoothie.