A Cure Against Ulcer, Gastritis and Colon Inflammation

Here is a natural and easy-to-make recipe that is highly effective in fighting inflammation in the colon, gastritis, and ulcer. If you are suffering from any of these problems due to acidity or poor digestion, this traditional cure is for you.

This recipe is full of vitamin C and works by helping relax your digestive system. The vitamin C content helps in strengthening your immune system while also boosting the metabolism.

When you wake up, drink 100 ml of cabbage juice. It is important not to eat anything else for the next two hours. Continue with this remedy for 40 days and then look for the improvements. You may continue further depending on the results.
Remedu for Ulcer, Gastritis and Colon Inflammation
You can prepare it even if you don’t have a juicer. Just grind the cabbage or slice it up, and add some salt. Leave it so for some time and then use gauze to strain off the juice.

The juice offers many other health benefits:

• Improving your blood count
• Reducing bad cholesterol levels
• Cleansing the skin
• Lowering blood pressure
• Fighting obesity

This vegetable is rich in biological value but low in calories. 100g of cabbage contains 24kcal of energy. The main ingredients include water (92%), dietary fibers (2.3%), proteins (1.20%), and fats (0.18%).

The most important ingredients include beta-carotene, vitamin C, iron, potassium, magnesium, copper, and sulfur. 100g of cabbage contains over 42 mg of vitamin C. The minerals sodium, phosphorus and calcium are present in tiny amount – just the perfect percentage to help with the optimal use of calcium by your body.

One of the most important health benefit of cabbage is its potent antioxidant quality. This means that cabbage and other vegetables similar to it hunt free radicals from the body, which can be very dangerous for the overall health and are great contributors to cancer and heart diseases.
Source: mrhealthylife.com