Eat Banana With Dark Patches on Yellow Skin

The banana is probably the best fruit in the world. Well, let’s not forget the apple, but some are willing to change a popular saying into “A banana a day, keeps the doctor away.” But what happens when the banana becomes a leftover food in the fridge and starts to get those dark patches on its skin?

Banana With Dark Patches

Some people joke about these things, saying that during the night the left over bananas in the fridge box each other and that is why the next morning they have dark patches all over them. Funny, isn’t it? The fact is, bananas ripen naturally after they are picked from the tree. From green they turn to yellow, which considered being the top level of the banana’s nutritious value; after the yellow come the black spots.

We should look at those dark patches as a sign of bad banana. The dark patches on the banana contain TNF, or Tumor Necrosis Factor. The TNF has a capability of fighting against abnormal cells, which brings the conclusion of increasing the immune levels of the body. A Japanese Scientific Research showed that the darker the banana the higher the nutritious value of the banana is. Unfortunately, eating a banana with dark patches is not recommendable for people with diabetes, and the micronutrients are not that high like when the banana has the perfect yellow color.

Looking it generally, both yellow and green bananas contain Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, and potassium; are high in fiber, sugar levels and caloric value. A normal size banana contains 105 calories and is good for digestion and Gastro-intestinal tracts.

The dark patches on the banana are not that dangerous as some people look at them. It is not like the fruit has its own defensive system and triggers it whenever it is left behind. A full dark patched banana is not consumable at all, quite logically; but the once that have few dark spots are perfectly healthy and cannot cause health problems.

There are people who prefer to eat bananas with dark spots as they are easy to digest and are fully ripen fruits.