Energy Booster Smoothie

Living with swift pace in this modern society makes all of us to forget about our body needs. That is somewhere in the middle of the day when we have to give the maximum performance at work we feel tired, sleepy and without energy.
Because we do not have time to have wide range of fruits for breakfast, chopping and putting some of them in a blender will do a lot of benefit for our body and mind.

Energy Booster Smoothie

The Energy Booster Smoothie will give you plenty of energy due to the huge amount of vitamin C, as well as will supply the body with the necessary nutrition ingredients. All you need is to have good blender in your kitchen and some healthy fruits.

To prepare the Energy Booster Smoothie you will need the following.


• One red grapefruit
• One kiwi
• 15 berries of aronia
• One table spoon of barley malt sweetener extract


Peel and chop the grapefruit and the kiwi in the blender directly. Afterwards, add the aronia berries, the table spoon of barley malt extract sweetener and add one cup of water. Turn on the blender and blend the fruits along with the water. Put the smoothie in a cup or in thermos if you want to take it to work. Bottoms up!