FDA Finally Admits Chicken Meat Can Cause Cancer

For years the FDA has been sweeping this fact under the rug in hope that the truth will never come out in open, but now the FDA officials have finally admitted that chicken meat sold in the USA can be dangerous due to the arsenic that it contains. For those that don’t know, arsenic is a toxic chemical that can cause cancer.

Even more shocking is the fact that arsenic is added on purpose in the chicken feed!

The irony is that the FDA has knowingly approved this practice. The FDA itself has a research that shows how the arsenic ends up in chicken meat through the feed. This has been going on for 60 years while countless times Americans have been eating cancer-causing meat. No wonder there are so many cancer patients.

Up until now the FDA and the industry have denied this, but they were very keen in telling us fairy tales how chicken meat is safe because the arsenic is discharged through the chicken feces. Thanks to FDA’s research now Roxarsone, one of the biggest chicken feed products, has been pulled off the shelves. The company that produces this arsenic laden chicken feed is Alpharma LLC, a subsidiary of Pfizer, a company that produces children vaccines containing chemicals as well.

However, even though Alpharma has pulled this chicken feed off the shelves in the USA, the company has no intention of doing the same in other countries. In order to do that, it needs to be forced by the regulatory authorities there.

Strangely enough, even though the FDA has admitted that there is arsenic in chicken meat through its research and has admitted that the arsenic can cause cancer it still insists that the levels are very low.

After the information that the Roxarsone will be pulled off the shelves, the National Chicken Council has jumped on FDA’s bandwagon claiming that the arsenic levels in chicken meat are safe by issuing a statement on the subject, despite admitting that arsenic can cause cancer.

The astonishing stupidity of the FDA goes on by claiming that elderberry juice is dangerous, because it is not approved as a “drug” while claiming it’s safe to eat toxic chicken meat. And why does the FDA call elderberry juice a “drug”? Because manufacturers advertise it as a drink that can improve the health and that way the elderberry juice magically becomes a “drug” in the minds of the FDA officials. Only drugs approved by the FDA can be advertised as products that improve and support the health, and the elderberry juice is not such a drug, so therefore it’s a crime.

This hasn’t been the only case where the FDA has gone after companies that try to sell natural products advertised as health promoters. So, now the citizens of the USA pay taxes to a government that says it’s okay to eat toxic chemicals, but dangerous to consume elderberry juice or other raw products, such as raw milk, walnuts etc. Poison is good, natural herbal products are bad. It is obvious that the FDA is protecting the profits of certain companies, probably because it is one of the most corrupted agencies in the USA.