Garlic Among the Healthiest Antioxidant Foods

Life and Nature has this interesting tendency of giving us, the humans, things that have tremendous amounts of positive benefits, but carry an irritating property with them along the way. This is the deal with garlic.

Garlic among the healthiest antioxidant foods

According to many high level chefs and national traditional dishes, the onion is one of the best vegetable able to deliver the best taste there is. Using it in the proper quantity, garlic represents a secret ingredient to a lot of testy dishes. Top kitchen chefs love them, but unfortunately a lot of people cannot stand the smell of garlic let alone its taste.

The garlic carries with it a strong taste and smell which a lot of people find it to be hard to take. They describe it as the most awful smell they had ever smelled or taste. It is out of the question for them when it comes to using garlic in cooking.


But the benefits of garlic are bare facts, no matter how much some people hate them. The garlic is very helpful in the fight against cancer, stomach aches, high blood pressure, heart disease, high cholesterol levels, diabetes (because of their content of chromium); they are good for increasing calcium deposits and blood circulation; garlic reduces inflammation, improves hair growth, help with asthma and breathing problems; and they can also be used as a powerful aphrodisiac.

As an antioxidant, garlic is able to protect the body against free radicals, which are capable of damaging body cells once the body breaks down food. Free radicals can also come from cigarette smoke.

With the use of garlic in food, the body is able to build a strong immune system which will be able to protect the body from the risks of cancer and age-related condition.

Other substances that are considered to be antioxidants is Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, lycopene, selium, lutein and betacaroten. All of these can be found in nuts, grains, fruits and vegetables.