Graviola under scientific research – Is it able to kill cancer cells?

Graviola, also known as soursop, Brazilian paw paw, guanabana and custard apple, is a plant that grows in South America, Southeast Asia and Africa. What make this fruit wonderful is its seeds, which are found to be extreme sweet with a slight acidic flavor. Another thing about this plant is that is pulp is very hard to eat, so often the best way to consume it is to make it into juice.

The nutritious benefits from Graviola come not only from the fruit, but from the bark, seeds, roots, the stem and even from the leaves. People in South American countries and in Africa have used the Graviola to treat many types of sickness, depression, arthritis, rheumatism, parasites and viruses. The results in these treatments are positive.

Graviola under scientific researchSince Graviola is able to help in treating various illnesses it has been put under scientific research in recent years weather it is able to treat cancer cells in the body. The powerful bioactive chemicals that we talk about are called annonaceous acetogenins. They appear to have powerful anti-cancer and anti-tumor qualities.

These researches concluded that the acetogenins are able to kill cancer cells. Even the cells which are drug-resistant can be targeted without “touching” the healthy ones.

However, all these researches are at their infancy. Scientists are still working on weather extracts from Graviola is powerful enough to kill off cancer cells without damaging the body with side effects.

Speaking of side effect, Graviola can affect the body negatively, specifically in nerve changes. The side effects can result into Parkinson’s disease symptoms. It is better to consult your doctor before starting the use of Graviola as a medicine.

Every medical discovery involving cancer cure and treatment is welcomed. Scientists and Doctors work every day, dedicate their entire careers on finding cancer cures and better treatments. The battle against cancer will go on and on. But it is not an easy fight.

Graviola can cure cancer cells, but it does not deliver positive results every time. It may work in some cases, but in others tents to make more problems than before. That is way some doctors recommend people to be patient and wait for the right research results involving the cure miracle of Graviola. They are aware that some cannot afford the time and are desperate to get their hands on a possible cure, but it may as well cause them more problems than before.

So be patient and let the scientists do their work.