Green Bomb Rich with Chlorophyll

Since the holidays are over and our body has enjoyed the beauties of tasty prepared food and sweets it is time to get back on the right healthy track of living. Yet, eating healthy food is one segment of having a healthy way of life. This implies practicing sport, riding bicycle, hiking, jogging or swimming or any physical activity that makes you happy.

Green Bomb Rich with Chlorophyll

This green vegetable smoothie is a real green bomb rich with chlorophyll, fiber and vitamins and it extremely good for improving digestion, cleaning of intestines, removing away all toxins and rejuvenating the whole body.

To prepare the green smoothie you will need the following:

– 100g fresh broccoli
– 100g fresh organic basil
– 100g organic peas
– Several leafs of organic parsley
– One big cup of water (or 250g for one person, double for two persons)

After the broccoli is washed and chopped into small pieces put it into the blender. Then add the fresh and organic basil, but first cut it with sharp knife so that the blender could produce one homogeny green mixture. Afterwards, add the freshly washed peas and then the organic parsley into the blender. Finally add the water.

Blend everything together for about three minutes in order to get smooth and drinkable mixture. Pour the smoothie into one big cup. You can also add one freshly squeezed lemon in order to improve the taste and give refreshing note of this green vegetable smoothie. This is also very good snack during the long working hours, since it eliminates the starvation and improves concentration.