Green Detox Smoothie to Cleanse Your Body

The modern way of life implies a lot of stressful moments and many hours without nice well-balanced meal and rest. All of these factors influence our health and immune system to be weak and fragile in time. It is crucial, once in a while to pamper our body, because it will give us in return perfect condition and support later on in life.

Green detox smoothie to cleanse your body

In order to prepare this detox smoothie to rejuvenate and clean the body you need nice bunch of fruits and some herbs as well, just to strengthen the smoothie detox effect.


– 50 grams fresh mint
– 50 grams white grape without seeds
– 10 grams parsley
– 10 grams fresh avocado
– 1 small lime
– 1 kiwi


Cut the mint in tiny pieces, along with the parley and add them in the blender. After washing the grapes and the avocado, chop them on fine small pieces and put them inside along with the fresh mint and the parsley.

Afterwards, squeeze manually the lime in one small plastic juicer and 200 ml water in the juice and add this in the blender along with other ingredients. Blend for 3 minutes and drink it within 15 minutes.