Green Smoothie for Natural Colon Cleansing

This extraordinary green smoothie is going to clean thoroughly your whole body, especially the colon, because it goes through it and eliminates all toxins and bacteria accumulated in time and hidden inside.
It is very easy to prepare and also you will enjoy consuming this magnificent green drink that will rest your eyes.

Green smoothie for natural colon cleansing

To prepare this smoothie you need fine blender and fresh organic ingredients.


– 1 kiwi
– 50 grams fresh basil
– One small banana
– A little bit of fresh grated ginger
– 50 grams fresh mango
– One green juicy apple


Wash all the ingredients nice and easy. Then, chop the kiwi, banana, the mango and the apple into small pieces and put that fruit mixture in the blender. Afterwards, take the basil and cut it into very small pieces that can be easily processed. Grind a little bit of fresh ginger and add 200 ml cold water.

Blend this wonderful mixture for a couple of minutes, long enough all of the ingredients to become one smooth and even mixture with perfect texture and then pour it in a nice glace.

Drink it slowly due to efficient intestine absorption. Enjoy!