Health Benefits of Eating Spinach

Spinach is, if not THE best vegetable of all. Highly used by the cartoon character Popeye, spinach became popular among children for generations and generation. It is not a coincidence that the first vegetable children learn to read and write is Spinach. The all-time favorite cartoon Popeye is highly responsible for children eating spinach even though many found it disgusting at first, but Popeye eats it and hast strong muscles.

Health Benefits of Eating Spinach

It is not a coincidence that the cartoonist of Popeye used this vegetable in particular. Spinach does have a lot to offer to people’s health. It contains large amounts of Vitamin B3 (4.4 %), Vitamin B1 (11.3 %), Vitamin E (18.7%), Vitamin B6 (22 %), Vitamin B2 (24.7%), Vitamin C (29.4 %), Vitamin A (377.3 %) and Vitamin K is the highest with 1110.6 %. Apart from these Vitamins, Spinach contains Selenium, Zinc, Phosphorus, Protein, Fiber, Potassium, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Folate, Manganese and etc.

The benefits of Spinach start with its Anti-cancer and Anti-inflammatory capabilities of Phytonutrients, such as carotenoids and flavonoids. There are at least a dozen of different flavonoid compounds capable of fully functioning as anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory agents in spinach. The chances of prostate cancer are also reduced by eating fresh spinach. It is recommendable that the spinach is not overcooked as it tends to lose its nutrients.

Health Benefits of Spinach

The blood vessels are highly protected with the spinach’s antioxidant capabilities. The antioxidant nutrients, such as Vitamin E, Vitamin C, manganese and beta-carotene lowers any health risk related to oxidative stress. The zeaxanthin and lutein carotenoids are the primary antioxidants responsible for healthy eye sight.

Vitamin K has the highest percentage in spinach which makes this vegetable to be the bone’s best friend. Vitamin K1 is able to prevent osteoclasts, activate osteocalcin which is a non-collagen protein in the bone.

So, it seems that when Popeye eats spinach it does give him a lot of strength in his muscles as well as in his ones. If we look closely in the sailor’s name, we will see that he has “eye” in it (Popeye). I wonder if the cartoonist knew the benefits of spinach before starting to draw the first image of Popeye the sailorman.