Here is How You Can Have Fuller Lips Naturally

In most societies, fuller, plumper lips are regarded as a sign of beauty and health.

The lip size is established by genetic factors, but however, there are many ways you can choose in order to get fuller lips.

Here is surgery of course, but there are other proven natural ways to significantly increase lips.
Fuller Lips Naturally
1. Lips Exfoliation
You can exfoliate your lips using a toothbrush. Just like our face and skin, lips can accumulate dead skin particles. These dead particles reflect less light than the rest of your lips and may make your lips smaller. With a toothbrush, scrub lips lightly in small, circular movements for two minutes to remove the excess skin. Your lips will be brighter and softer.

You can prepare your own DIY exfoliating mixture with brown sugar and honey. In a teaspoon of brown sugar add honey enough to make a thick paste. Apply the mixture on your lips with a washcloth and rub lips in light circular movement.

You can replace the honey with coconut oil or olive oil to prepare the scrubbing mixture. After cleaning the paste, apply unscented lip balm.

Apply cinnamon on your lips
First apply some Vaseline and then apply and rub the cinnamon and let it sit for a few minutes. Wipe it with a damp washcloth. Your lips will be more colorful and plumper.

2. Cleansing and Moisturizing the Lips

Rosewater and glycerin mixture
There are many homemade solutions to moisturize your lips. Add equal amounts of glycerin and rosewater into a small bowl and apply the mixture to your lips. Let it sit overnight so your lips will absorb the nutrients. Rosewater is amazing for cleansing the lips of dirt and old makeup. It will make your lips look fuller.

Coconut oil on your lips
Coconut oil can be a great lip balm. It is excellent for moisturizing because includes many nutrients, such as vitamin E. This oil has anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties and also rich in antioxidants.

Raw honey
Raw honey includes many great nutrients and antioxidants, which prevents aging and UV damage. Apply it to your lips before going to bed, and leave it on overnight.

Hold green tea bag between your lips
Place used tea bag between your lips and hold it there for three minutes. Your lips will absorb the nutrients directly.

Ice cubes for massaging your lips
Improve the blood flow by massaging the lips regularly, thereby making your lips fuller. Gently massaging the lips for a few minutes every day is a great way to get bigger lips in a natural way. Rubbing your lips with ice cubes will relax the lip muscles and support a redder, radiant pigment.

3. Applying Cosmetics

Choose the right makeup
Choose the makeup wisely because you can get the opposite effect. Avoid darker lipsticks when you want bigger lips. So, clear or nude lipstick shades are a better option in this case. Select a colour that won’t disagree with your natural tone.

Before using lipstick and lip liner, use a good concealer to erase the natural lip lines, so you can draw your own.

Use lip liner to draw bigger lips
If you want bigger lips, draw on the lip liner slightly beyond the edges of your lips. After applying lipstick, you will give the impression of fuller lips.

4. Lips Exercises

Just like other body parts, you can make your lips stronger by training. Do this by whistling. It adds pressure on your lips, and blood flow is promoted.

Another exercise for your lips is puckering. Pucker up your lips like you are about to kiss someone, then press your hand up against your lips. Hold than position for a few seconds, and release your pucker while exhaling. Repeat the exercise around 10-20 times.