How to lose weight fast

Every person on the Earth has at least once tried a strict diet for losing weight, or twice, or several times….. One of the obsessions of the modern society especially among the female world is losing weight. Being fit and skinny seems to be a must when it comes to women.

But the question is how to lose weight fast and safe. What diets usually offer is eating nothing and losing several pounds in the nick of the time and the results won`t be for long for sure. Once you turn to the old habits the fat seems to come back with the speed of the light. The decision whether to turn to such unhealthy diets is up to you.


Don`t be surprised if a diet plan works with other women but you. Every person is an individual and its body requires individual eating plan. But can we shed the extra pounds just by eating healthy or just by following strict diets? What about exercise? The modern lifestyle seems to be hectic and we tend to think that we don`t have time for doing physical activities.


However, there is a solution for this problem too. Walk as much as you can. You don`t have to visit the gym everyday if you don`t have the time. Go jogging. Three times per week will be more than enough and don`t forget to walk to work or park your car a bit further than the parking in front of your workplace. Physical activity is necessary but the key to success seems to be the food choices we make. What are the best tips for losing weight fast?

Tips for losing weight fast

1. Drink as much water as possible


Our advice is to drink two glasses of water before each meal. This will reduce your hunger and as a result you will eat less during the meal. Thus you will consume less calories and fat plus drinking water makes you full.

Several studies have been made regarding this issue and these studies usually include two groups of people, one consumes water before each meal and the other group consists of individuals who don`t drink water before meals. The results show that drinking water before meals can do wonders for your weight loss program.

2. Eat vegetables and fruits
The vegetables and fruits are not only healthy food but they can also trigger weight loss plus they are rich in nutrition. Eating vegetables will help you feel full and at the same you will be losing weight and stay healthy. However not all fruits and vegetables are good for losing weight. Here is a selection of the best to use in your diet plan: Spinach, Broccoli, Cabbage, Cucumber, Apples, Pears, cranberries etc.

3. Eat small portions several times per day
What people usually do is skipping breakfast with the thought that this will result in less calories consumed. However this is proved false since skipping breakfast will increase the food cravings during the day and it is more than possible that you will eat more during lunch and dinner. But you should not limit your food intake strictly on 3 meals per day. Eat healthy snacks. This will increase your metabolism and it will burn calories faster.

4. Sleep at least 7 hours per day
Obesity and sleep seem to be closely connected. People that sleep less are prone to gaining weight. Why? If you sleep less your body easily becomes tired and the rate of food cravings is increased. In case of tiredness you usually go for sugar and carbs. This results in consuming more calories.

5. Don`t give up your favorite food
This tip is closely connected to the psychological side of the diet. If you know that you are not allowed to eat certain products the possibility that they will attract you more is high. Eat them in moderation. For instance you can award yourself by eating your favorite meal once per week for instance on Sunday. This will reduce the stress for sure.

All the tips given above won`t have a bad effect on your health for sure. They will change your eating habits and at the same time will help you lose weight on the long term.