Kidney Cleanse Juice Recipe

Only the once you have experienced Kidney stones know how painful those things can be. Dealing with kidney stones is a serious matter which, so taking care of your kidneys all the time will keep those stones always, as well as the pain that goes with them.

Kidney Cleanse Juice Recipe

Some kidney stones can be dealt with, they come and go like a weather season, but some stones tend to stay a bit longer. Like the kidneys are the coziest places on earth. Once the stones find their cozy kidney to lay around, changing weather seasons are not going to be used as a metaphor for their departure, but surgery.

However, as many times before, healthy drinks have proven to be the best fighters against things like this. So, here is a healthy kidney cleanse juice that will keep those stones at bay.


– 3 Red Apples
– 2 cups of Cranberries and
– ½ Lemon (or Lime if you prefer)
– ½ a Pineapple (optional)


Fruit seeds are not welcomed in juices; they don’t mix, but ruin the enjoyment in the beverage, so remove them from the apples and lemons. Mix the apples first and then add the cranberries, pineapples and then the lemons (or limes, if that was your choice).

Enjoy the beverage by drinking it slowly, like a cup of coffee.