Mangoes Protect Against Several Kinds of Cancer

Exotic fruits are like food from heaven – fresh from exotic parts of the world, specific taste and, in some parts of the world, hard to find. Mangoes don’t grow anywhere in the world which makes them quite expensive in countries far from the equator. However, they are high in demand, people all over the world love them and prefer to have mangoes for desert and as a recipe ingredient.

Mangoes Protect Against Several Kinds of Cancer

Being an exotic fruit with a specific taste, by default, the mango is considered to be excellent fighter against many diseases, mostly cancer cells. However, the antioxidant capacity of the mango is far less than most fruits which don’t make him a great cancer fighter after all. Comparing the mango’s antioxidant levels to the ones in pomegranate, acai and blueberry – the mangoes have five times less antioxidants.

Nevertheless, the mango still manages to use its antioxidants to fight against cancer cells. To make another comparison, the mango has five times less antioxidant capacity from the grape and it triumphs in stopping their growth when it comes to colon cell lines and certain breast cancer. So what makes the mango great in the fight against cancer even though it hasn’t got enough antioxidants in its nutrition? The answer is polyphenol.


The polyphenols are known to promote great health and can be found in various plants. The mango’s polyphenols fight against leukemia, prostate and lung cancer. Their greatest impacts are against colon and common breast cancer.

No matter how tough mangoes are in fighting against cancer and other diseases, people should not avoid eating mango if they can afford them and find mangoes to be highly tasty. By simple logic, rarely there is a fruit in the world that hasn’t got a healthy nutritious impact on a human’s body. Almost every fruit, exotic or not, brings natural energy to the body. Every fruit is beneficial to health in many different ways.

The research on mango’s impact on cancer cells will continue on. There is no reason to stop eating mango’s until the results are in. Healthy nutrition means healthy live and the mango is part of it.