Matcha Green Tea Super Drink

There are plenty of drinks that are energetic. Coffee and green tea for example will get you through a very hard day, yet there is hundred times more healthy and efficient drink that does a real miracle to your body. Wandering along the small alleys on the green market, I came up the idea to try the matcha green powder and make a healthy drink with it.

Matcha Green Tea Super Drink

It is so easy and simple, especially since it does not take up too much time for preparing. This is a perfect way to start your working day. It makes you being focused, clear with tons of energy even for an afternoon working out in the gym or a nice long run.

The advantages of consuming this instant natural energy drink:

– Decreases the levels of insulin, this is especially beneficiary for people that have Diabetes type 1
– Burns calories by boosting metabolism
– Fights back all kind of viruses and bacteria
– Improves psychological mood
– Abounds with antioxidants
– Has anti-cancer fighting characteristics
– Helps in the process of cleaning and detoxifying of the body and the whole system
– Kills the late at night hunger cravings

What you need for preparation of this instant natural energy drink:

– An empty reusable water bottle. It is good to use nice colorless glass bottle, plastic one is out of the question, since it is not healthy at all.
– Matcha green tea powder. This green elixir can be found almost on all Asian market or organic healthy food stores.
– Liquid stevia. This is not a mandatory ingredient, yet it is good to be used


1. Fill your water colorless glass bottle up to almost to the very top.
2. Then add 1/4 tsp of matcha powder for every 8-20 ounces of water. Afterwards add a few drops of liquid stevia.
3. Put the lid on and shake and shake very well and hard until everything has dissolved and one compound mixture is achieved. That’s it! Simple as that!
4. Bottoms up!