Miraculous Recipe for Getting Rid of Papillomas (Hanging Warts)

Papilloma virus (hanging warts) – is a widespread infection with over 100 types of these viruses, which affect a lot of people.

However, not all of them are dangerous for our health, and it is quite easy to get rid of the warts. You can get rid of the papillomas at your home using only natural and very effective ingredients.

We present you the amazing recipe of healing warts using red potato juice!
Get Rid of Papillomas

Red potato juice for treating warts

The red potato juice is great ally in the fight against this infection. This folk remedy for treating warts inhibits activity of various infections while it heals them. The juice of red potato is far better


– Wash the potato well and grate it
– Strain the juice through several layers of gauze
– Consume 100 ml half an hour before your meal twice a day
– The treatment should be 2 months long

Contraindications: reduced gastric acidity in and heavy form of diabetes.

The healing potato juice is also useful for treating cancer, stomach ulcer, edema, and liver diseases.

Castor oil for treating papilloma virus

The castor oil is extremely useful in the fight against papilloma and warts, because it contains acids which irritate the warts and stimulate their dryness.

– Apply the castor oil on the wart and the skin around it.
– You will have result after 3-4 weeks since the beginning of the treatment.
Source: sportonlinegroup.com