Mother Beats Cancer with JUICING After Being Told She Only Had 2 Weeks to Live

he best course of action to take when you’re diagnosed with cancer is to fix your nutrition.

Outside of the conventional treatments given to you by your doctor, adding more vegetables and fruits to your diet can go a long way.

When a Mother of Two Refuses To Give Up

According to the Daily Mail, Natasha Grindley, 37, from Liverpool, was given the devastating news she would not live out the month in July 2014, after doctors discovered she had stomach cancer.
Mother Beats Cancer with JUICING

Motivated by the thought of wanting to be there for her children as they grow up, Natasha and her husband made it an obsession to research alternative cancer therapies.

Soon, Natasha became acquainted with renowned author Deliciously Ella and started fighting cancer with proper nutrition.

While she did undergo chemo based on her doctor’s advice, due to the severity of her cancer, she also made sure to take in as many nutrients as she could.

On its own, chemo can have adverse effects and further complicate things. The added nutrients to her diet help prevent that.

Nutrition Has Always Been The Key

The radical change that Natasha brought to her eating habits helped her immensely. Instead of declining health, she started looking better even though she was undergoing chemo!

“I used the foods to power up my immune system and that helps me because my blood is then ready for chemo,” Natasha said, as reported by the Daily Mail.

“I noticed that every time I made a change to my diet, I saw a positive difference in how I felt.”

According to The Sun, “Natasha juiced twice a day, one before breakfast and another in the afternoon, for the last year.

She likes to start the day with Super C Power juice, which is blended from six carrots, two peeled oranges, a teaspoon of fresh ginger, one lemon with peel and half a teaspoon of turmeric.

Her second juice is a blend of cucumber, apple, ginger, celery and lemon.”

It’s no secret that nutrition is very important. Especially, when battling against a deadly disease.

There are many instances of people curing themselves of cancer by making simple changes to their diet, such as juicing.

One thing that many of these stories all have in common is that the cancer survivors made adjustments to their diet by minimizing artificial sugars and potentially harmful meat products such as hot dogs, while increasing their intake of organic vegetables, particularly carrots.

18 Months Later…

Continuing to defy the predictions of her initial diagnosis, Natasha is still alive and kicking! In fact, she has so much energy that she completed a higher education degree in nutrition and start her own Facebook page.

She hopes to spread the knowledge she managed to gain in the darkest moments of her life and teach others about the power that nutrition holds.