Natural Cleansing With Turmeric Lime Mango Smoothie

The ingredients that are used to make this Turmeric Lime Mango smoothie are giving life to the body and its organs, just like the sun is giving life and energy to our planet. The perfect combination of galore of vitamin C, antioxidants and slight mint flavor cleanses the colon, reduces the cholesterol, gives energy to the blood vessels and takes out all the toxins from the body, as well as has beneficiary anti-cancer properties.

Turmeric mango lime smoothie

Turmeric Lime Mango Smoothie is exquisite combination for winter period when the immune system is fragile and under attack of many viruses.

For this natural cleanse smoothie you need the following:


– One big lemon or two small limes
– One table spoon turmeric
– One mango
– One small cup organic aloe vera gel
– 15 drops of organic black cumin oil
– 200ml water
– mint (optional)


Take the lime or the lemon and squeeze it manually or on automatic juicer. The juice, along with the pulp, pour it in the blender where the rest of the ingredients are going to be mixed. Then add the peeled and cleaned mango, one table spoon turmeric, the aloe vera gel, the organic black cumin and the water at the end. Blend for 5 minutes, pour the smoothie in one big cup and start the day with this smoothie that will give you plenty of health and vitality.