Perfectly Healthy Green Smoothie

When New Year’s Eve and Christmas are behind us our body needs to purify and detoxicate from the galore of highly caloric food as well as the wide range of cakes, cookies and sweets. In order to get back in shape and to feel healthy, fresh and reborn try this very easy green healthy smoothie.

Perfectly Healthy Green Smoothie

To make this super drink you need to go to the green market and buy kiwi, avocado, mango and fresh basil. All of them should be washed thoroughly with water and then you can start with the preparation of the green healthy smoothie. So that all healthy vitamins and minerals to be preserved the ingredients are chopped into small pieces and are put into blender. Afterwards, 250g of spring bottled water is added (500g for two persons) with one small espresso cup of organic aloe vera gel. Everything is blended together for about two minutes.


– One kiwi
– One avocado
– One mango
– 50g fresh basil
– One small espresso cup aloe vera gel
– 250g spring bottled water

The perfect blend of nutritive ingredients from all fruits make this smoothie an elixir. The rich source of potassium from the avocado, the vitamin C contained in the kiwi, the vitamin A in the basil and the aloe vera gel make an compact bomb of useful elements for our body and digestive system and that is why it is very healthy, delicious and in the same time kills the hunger attacks.