Pomegranate Powerful Antioxidants

The pomegranate was the fruit Eve has eaten from the forbidden tree, not the apple! With that we prove that even in older times the pomegranate was respected and today’s contemporary research confirms its reputation and benefits on those that consume it.

Pomegranate Powerful Antioxidants


The antioxidants found in this fruit are fighting against the free radicals, which in turn slows aging. The pomegranate is reach with vitamin C and polyphenols which act as powerful antioxidants. Although research is still in progress, it is believed that pomegranate juice prevents cancer. THE POMEGRANATE CONTAINS THREE TIMES MORE ANTIOXIDANTS COMPARED TO GREEN TEA AND RED WINE.

Rich with fiber

The pomegranate is rich with natural fiber. The fiber improves the movement of food through the intestines, decrease cholesterol and blood sugar level and help in decreasing body weight. Not to mention it does all of that while giving you a sense of satiation for a longer time period. One pomegranate contains around 105 calories, which makes it a low calorie super food.

Healthy heart

The pomegranate decreases bad cholesterol by preventing it to accumulate on the walls of your blood vessels. The arginine, an amino acid that relaxes the blood vessels enables the blood to flow more easily through your blood vessels. The chances of certain cardiac problems are reduced to a minimum.

Why is the pomegranate similar to Viagra?

The pomegranate is rich with antioxidants which increase the flow of blood in the penis. These antioxidants are responsible for increasing the level of nitro oxide which is the main factor for enlargement and relaxation of the walls of blood vessels. The more relaxed are the blood vessels, the more blood the penis gets and then, as you should already know, erection happens.
Except improving erection the pomegranate also has other benefits regarding sexual performance and that’s increasing the amount of sperm.
One research has proven that 47% of the male population that consumed pomegranate juice in a two weeks period had improved erection.