Portable and Delicious Superfood Berries

Berries are considered by many to be a perfect food as they contain a great deal of vital nutrients. In addition to being highly nutritious, these fruits are low in calorie and make the perfect snack for dieters.
As an added bonus they are also loaded with fiber, an essential nutrient for your body. Berries are also extremely versatile and can be used in some of your favorite recipes for a special touch.

Portable and Delicious Superfood BerriesBelow are some of the healthiest ones to try:

The strawberry is a very powerful food as it contains antioxidants, vitamin C, a little bit of iron, fiber and loads of vitamin A. This ruby red fruit is extremely low calorie, delicious and satisfying.
One cup of strawberries only delivers a mere 50 calories and unlike other fruit, are considered low in sugar. Strawberries are also easy to eat and can be incorporated in a ton of different recipes like smoothies and dessert. Overall, there are several benefits of eating strawberries and they include the following: glowing skin, leaner frame, healthy hair, improved immunity, etc.

The tiny but mighty blueberry is indeed one of the best foods to incorporate into your diet for many reasons. Because this compact blue fruit contains several key antioxidants and phytonutrients, it is thought by some experts to help you strengthen your immune system and fight free radicals that can lead to cancer.

Additionally, the blueberry contains a lot of B vitamins that can prevent iron deficiency. The blueberry is also referred to as the beauty fruit because eating it often can help improve your appearance. How can a fruit do that, you ask? Well, because it contains antioxidants and fights free-radicals, eating blueberries can slow down the aging process and make your skin glow.

The vitamin A and C are great nutrients for the health of your eyes and skin; plus, the B vitamins are highly beneficial for your hair. Overall, blueberries are little superheroes that can help your body perform to its fullest potential.

The cranberry is a magnificent berry that can prevent infections in the stomach and urinary track; the fiber in this berry is also a great way to improve bowel function.

In addition to these benefits, the cranberry is also great for your eyesight and skin because it contains plenty of vitamin A. People with weak immune systems may benefit from eating these small yet potent berries because they have plenty of vitamin C.

Acai Berry:
The acai is one of the most powerful foods because it contains the perfect balance of vitamins. One of the benefits it potentially offers is that it improves the blood circulation, which can prevent blood clots and improve the skin’s condition.

On top of that, these purple little fellows are thought by some to boost metabolism and aid weight loss. Acai berries can help to cleanse your digestive track, improve bowel function and help energize your body.

Goji berry:
The goji is a delicious little fruit loaded in vitamin A and special phytonutrients. Studies about the goji have concluded that this berry may protect the retina and may also help to prevent liver and kidney disease. It’s also capable of stabilizing glucose, thus making it a great snack for diabetics.
Incorporating superfoods in your life is a good way to stay healthy. Berries are widely considered to be one of the most beneficial foods out there thanks to the abundance of nutrients they contain. They are also easy to eat because they are portable and delicious.

Source – rawfoodonline.co.uk