Powerful Natural Remedy To Get Rid Of Bunions

Uncomfortable shoes, poor metabolism, flu, tonsillitis, gout, inadequate food, rheumatic infections may be one of the reasons for the appearance of deformity “Hallux Abducto Valgus” or commonly called Bunion.
Characteristics of this deformity are medial deviation of the great toe, often erroneously described as an enlargement of bone or tissue around the joint at the head of the big toe.
This deviation is quite frustrating, because first of all people that have this deformity are not able to find appropriate footwear, and of course is not necessary to mention the unattractive appearance.

Get Rid Of Bunions
How to prepare this natural remedy?

1. The best time for preparation of this remedy is in the evening, because it is necessary to keep the remedy in a thermos overnight. The preparation is very easy, so first you need to do is crush a table spoon of bay leaves. Over this leaves pour 10oz/300 ml of water and cook it for 5 minutes. This prepared remedy should stay one night and in the morning when you wake up you can start using it.
Strain the liquid in the morning and through the day take small sips, don’t drink it at once.
Prepare fresh drink every evening for the following day and do these three days in a row. You need to repeat this treatment after a week.
While using this method you will visit the toilet frequently, because you will urinate often, as a result of the dissolve of the salt in the body that irritates the bladder. The positive results will be visible after ten days.
You will feel better and the joint pain will disappear. You need to make this treatment for two months if you want bunions to disappear.

2. At the end, pour 100ml of 96% alcohol over large 5 crushed bay leaves. Leave it to stand for a week and then drain it.
This home remedy is very good for your bunions, so you can apply it. If you want better results, before you apply the remedy, put your feet in a 3l slightly water dissolved with 1 tablespoon of baking soda and then wipe your feet with a towel until they become dry. After applying the remedy wear cotton socks.
A very powerful combination that gives good results in treating bunions, joint pain and similar growths are aspirin and iodine, combined together.

Alternative remedy for treating bunions

If you want to reduce the pain and inflammations caused by bunions you need to use only regular soap. Shred soap on your bunions and gently massage the area where you have it. Rinse the feet with water, wipe the feet with towel to become dry and moisten with iodine the place with bunions.
You should apply the iodine in a drawing like net for optimal absorption. Immerse a cotton bud in iodine and draw a “net” over the affected area. Cross over some lines (vertical and horizontal) with a distance of a centimeter from each other. Let it a few minutes to dry out and then put on your cotton socks. You should repeat this for 30 days and the results will be visible.

Another remedy that you can prepare in home conditions to treat bunions is a combination of lemon juice and iodine. Equal parts from the lemon juice and iodine are combined and the remedy is applied on the sore spots. This mixture is very efficiently if you have problems with “heel spur”.