Simple And Effective – Chili Cream that Helps with Muscle Pain and Shoulder Pain

Do you have sore shoulders and neck from sitting too much? Do you have sore muscles? Make the most simple, but very effective cream for muscle pain. The secret is in the red hot chili peppers.

Jalapeno peppers contain capsaicin, the ingredient that causes heat in your mouth when you eat the peppers. The same ingredient is usually located in creams for sore muscles we buy in supermarkets or pharmacies.

Chili Cream for Muscle and Shoulder Pain

To make this face cream all you will need is:

– Jalapeno peppers (you’ll need only seeds);
– Cocoa butter.


1. Cut the peppers and remove the seeds

2. In a glass jar, pour the cocoa butter and put a few jalapeno seeds (about 5-12, but start with only 4-5 seeds until you see how your skin bears the “heat”), and stir well.

Use this mixture on your feet and hands, if you’re experiencing sore muscles, tired shoulder or back pain. You should feel heat on your skin, as well as muscle relief.

Wash your hands after using the cream and avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth or other sensitive parts of the body, because you’ll feel painful heat.

Also, you can add cayenne pepper powder to the mixture, as well as peppermint or eucalyptus essential oils.