How to Stop Armpit Sweating With Baking Soda

Armpit sweating can be embarrassing, frustrating and unsightly. Deodorants only mask the sweat odor, so if you are serious about stopping sweating, you will need to take active measures to address the glands in your underarm area.

There are a number of home remedies that you could make use of to do away with armpit sweating.

Baking soda has alkaline properties that fight against the acids present in sweat and help maintain the pH level of your body. It not only helps eliminate sweat but also cut down body odor.
Stop Armpit Sweating With Baking Soda
Method 1:
• Mix baking soda and water to make a fine paste.
• Wet your underarms and apply the paste evenly.
• Rub gently for a minute or two and then allow it to sit for about 5 – 10 minutes.
• Shower to remove and repeat regularly.

Method 2:
• Dust baking soda on the sweat prone areas after taking bath.
• Leave it like that and discard the excess of baking soda.
• Wear loose clothes.
• Repeat this process regularly.

Method 3:
Lemon is known to be a good remedy that can be used to get rid of sweating. It contains citric acid. This can help eliminate the bacteria that might be left on the skin because of the sweat.

• Mix 1 tablespoon each of baking soda and freshly squeezed lemon juice.
• Apply this mixture on your underarms and other body parts where you perspire excessively.
• Allow it to sit for about 10 – 15 minutes.
• Do not scrub or rub the skin.
• When dried, have a shower or bath.
• Follow daily for few weeks.


• Baking soda – 1 teaspoon
• Essential oil (any) – 3 to 4 drops
• Water

1. Mix water and baking soda to make a thick paste.
2. Add an essential oil of your choice and mix well.
3. Apply this to the most odor prone areas like armpits, feet, groin, etc.
4. Allow it to sit for about 15 – 20 minutes and then rinse with water.
5. You can also leave it like that without washing it to completely dry.
6. Regularize the application for best results.