The Amazing Healing Properties of Papaya

The Papaya fruit is a very nutritious fruit. It grows in the exotic countries so for some parts of the world it is hard to get it. There are transports of papaya fruit, but the price of the fruit is very expensive. Some consider the papaya as a luxurious fruit. Nevertheless, if you come across a papaya at the greengrocers, and you can afford it, buy it! It is very healthy and is part of many recipes.

amazing healing properties of papaya

As part of its nutritious formula, the papaya contains Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and Vitamin E; folate, dietary fiber, riboflavin, niacin, thiamine, iron and calcium. It contains low amounts of sodium and calories.

The enzymes chymopapin and papain – both of these help a lot in terms of food digestion by braking down the proteins in amino acids. Amino acids are the one responsible for every chemical reaction in our bodies (resent research shows), and as we grow older, the body finds it hard to produce these digestive enzymes in the pancreas and stomach. The result is ineffective digestion of proteins which leads to insufficient amino acids and bad bacteria in the gastrointestinal system.

Apart from the papaya being very effective in the digestion processes, it is very effective in lowering the inflammation caused by sports injuries. Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis are relieved when papaya is consumed. Other preventive properties of the papaya include strokes, cholesterol oxidation, atherosclerosis, diabetic heart disease and heart attacks.

The side effects of cancer therapy are considerably low when eating papaya. After chemotherapy, some have difficulty in swallowing and have mouth sores; the nutrients of the papaya ease and in some cases eliminate the pain.

Other healing properties of the papaya are the following:
● great friend to the cardiovascular system
● great friend to the immune system
● renews muscle tissue
● lowers the risk of emphysema in people who smoke and those that doesn’t
● helps with the constipation and nausea
● boosts up the quality of the proteins in the organism
● people suffering from colon cancer can benefit a lot from the papaya
● The cataract formation is prevented when consuming papaya