The Healthiest Fruits

If you practice sports or you simply want to live healthy, by eating healthy food, your body gets all the necessary nutrients. Check this healthiest fruits:



If you have problems limiting portions and constantly struggle with counting calories, then raspberries are the perfect fruit for you. One cup of raspberries have more fiber than four pieces of integral bread and two times more than blueberries.


Fiber makes long held feeling of satiety, and raspberries have approximately one calorie in each fruit, so we do not have to measure in order to avoid overweight. Take as much as you can, eat and enjoy raspberries.




Although grapefruit diets are already forgotten, they have beneficial effect for your health. Contain very little sugar, and high fiber concentration.


Additionally, studies have shown that grapefruit increases insulin resistance, which means providing a feeling of satiety. On average, one medium-sized grapefruit contains about 82 calories.




One medium-sized apple contains about 95 calories. But even if you eat only one apple a day, it will have beneficial effects on your health.

Apples are rich in fiber (about four grams in a medium-sized apple) mostly in their peel, this will slow down digestion and you will feel fed up.


Additionally, research has shown that inhaling the aroma of green apple when you feel hunger, can deceive the brain that you are already eating and hunger will simply disappear.




One average size banana contains about 105 calories. In the past, many have pointed out that bananas have lots of calories and fat. This is certainly not true.


Bananas contain a specific type of fiber very slowly digested and while holding the feeling of satiety stabilizes blood sugar levels.
However, be careful when you choose bananas between green and ripe. More mature bananas have more sugar which means that are more caloric.