What Are The Health Benefits of Eating Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are often part of people’s favorite food. This privileged position in the nutritious chain goes back to childhood days when almost every kid had grandma’s delicious sweet potatoes pie or mashed sweet potatoes. So, not only did we choose to name sweet potatoes pies as favorite dish, but we also benefited (and still do) from its nutrients. Here they are.

Sweet Potatoes

1. Sweet potatoes are a source of Vitamin C
It is a well known fact that Vitamin C is very important in our daily nutrition, especially when we catch a cold or get the flue. Vitamin C is an important fighter against these season sicknesses; Vitamin C is also good for other bodily functions, like tooth formation, bone formation, acceleration of wound healing, collagen production, blood cell formation and a stress reliever.

2. Sweet potatoes are a source of Magnesium
Magnesium is also a great stress reliever as Vitamin C. It is also good for the heart, blood, arteries, and nerve function.

3. Iron is part of the sweet potatoes nutrition
What iron is good for in our bodies is the white and red blood cell production, great functioning of the immune system, and stress resistance. Interesting, three important benefits of sweet potatoes include anti-stress properties.

4. Sweet potatoes are a source of Vitamin B6
The chemical homocysteine in our bodies is reduced due to the presence of Vitamin B6. It is interesting to notice that Vitamin B6 is a great fighter and preventer of heart attacks.

5. Sweet potatoes are a great source of Potassium
Potassium helps in regulating nerve signals and heartbeats, relaxes the muscle contraction, controls and helps the kidney functions, and reduces swelling.

6. Sweet potatoes contain natural sugars
With natural sugars in our bloodstreams, the body remains high in energy levels without the danger of rise in the levels of sugar in the blood.

7. Sweet potatoes are rich in carotenoids (beta carotene and others)
Carotenoids protect against ageing, fight against cancer and strengthen the eyesight.