You Will be Amazed What Will Come Out of Your Intestines! Eat This Meal for Dinner 3 Days!

This meal has the ability to cleanse the fecal waste in the intestines and help you lose weight. Another benefit of this diet is that it balances the acidity in the stomach.

This “Vitamin salad” consists of vegetables and dark leafy vegetables which are abundant in vitamins, minerals, fiber and pectin. Therefore, this diet will effectively cleanse your intestines and reduce your weight. Furthermore, eating this low-calorie meal for dinner will melt the accumulated fat.

Vitamin salad
Here are the ingredients for this vitamin salad:
• Cabbage
• Carrot
• Beet
• Dark leafy vegetables
• Lemon juice
• Oil

Grate the cabbage, beet and carrot in the ratio 3:1:1

You can spice up the meal by adding dill, celery or parsley. Mash the vegetables to release the juice. Add a little bit of lemon juice. Optionally, you can add mashed garlic clove.

Season with vegetable oil, preferably olive or linseed oil.

It is recommended that you avoid salt, but if you cannot imagine your meal without salty taste, use soy sauce instead which contains salt and improves the taste of the meal. Also, it has high nutritional value and it is not harmful to your health.

Note: People who have lack of gastric acid should avoid sauerkraut.